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SERVICE HOTLINE:86-513-81188826


First, the structural characteristics
YJ-SKX6025 gantry machining center for the beam column fixed gantry frame, table mobile structure, the table moves along the bed rails, milling head carriage along the beam rails move around, side ramps along the milling head carriage moves up and down. X, Y-axis rails imported heavy-duty linear rolling guide, Z-axis square pillow with quenching plus plastic sliding guide.
The main structural features and performance of the machine are:
1, bed - table
1) bed, workbench using high-strength cast iron materials and resin casting process. Bed with "rice-shaped" rib layout, improve bed stiffness and strength.
2) The bed-worktable guideway adopts heavy-duty roller linear guideway with small changes of friction and friction, high sensitivity of worktable, high speed vibration, low speed without creeping, high positioning accuracy and excellent servo drive performance; meanwhile Large carrying capacity, anti-vibration cutting performance, can improve the characteristics of machine tools to improve machine accuracy and stability, extend the service life of machine tools.
3) X-axis drive adopts AC servo motor to directly drive ball screw with diameter of 80mm and pitch of 20mm via ZF reducer (1: 5) to realize X-axis feed.
2, beams
1) In order to meet the machine heavy cutting, the beam uses three rolling guide and a sliding guide, of which two rolling guide and a sliding guide rail to bear the weight of carriage and square ram, the other a guide rail for bearing carriage And square ram overturning moment. The Y-axis guide rail with sufficient bending stiffness and torsional stiffness, and Y-axis guide rail with long enough precision retention. Rolling guide plus sliding guide with small changes in the dynamic and static friction, high-speed vibration, crawling at low speed, high sensitivity milling head, positioning accuracy, servo drive excellent performance characteristics; the same time bearing capacity, cutting vibration performance.
2) The Y-axis adopts the AC servo motor to directly drive the ball screw by the first-stage synchronous pulley to realize the horizontal movement of the milling head carriage.
3, milling head and ram boring milling head
1) Rafting - Milling head carriage rail pairs with sliding rail pair, so that it reached a high degree of accuracy and cutting vibration resistance. Rake section 400x400mm, ram length of 2945mm (stroke 1250mm), Z-axis guide pair for the sliding guide pair, the use of rail quenching plus plastic form, milling head carriage on the ram rail tolerance length of 1450mm, to ensure the square slide Pillow in the processing of cutting smooth.
2) The Z-axis AC servo motor drives the ball screw pair through the synchronous pulley to realize the up-and-down movement of the side ram.
3) Milling head carriage equipped with two hydraulic balance cylinder hydraulic balance device, used to balance the square ram and the main gearbox weight, in order to reduce the no-load torque of the ball screw to reduce the ball screw wear and keep the ball Accuracy of the screw stability. Z-axis ball screw and spindle are located in the center of milling head carriage, will not result in uneven stress and thermal deformation shift phenomenon.
4) ram and gearbox with separate structure.
5) Pillow boring and milling head spindle bearings using German FAGs group of bearings, grease lubrication, the spindle with high precision, high load and low temperature rise, not only can withstand large power and torque cutting, but also has a high spindle Accuracy and life expectancy. Spindle bearings with a thermostat oil-cooled device to reduce the spindle temperature rise. The spindle center is located in the center of the Z-axis ram guide, with the best rigidity and stability.
6) The spindle adopts the hydraulic release knife - the spring tensioning device of the butterfly spring, the pulling force is 16000N.
7) Spindle adopts alloy steel, through the modular design, BT50, JT50 taper hole with the same root spindle. Spindle, transmission gear and shaft through nitriding, carburizing and quenching, grinding and other processes to withstand large cutting forces and reduce noise.
8) Gearbox Gearboxes achieve large speed range and torque through two-speed mechanical gearbox (cylinder control). The gears in the gearbox are driven by spur gears. The drive shaft bearings use radial ball bearings and preload force to make the main drive Wheel trains have a very high transmission stiffness, smooth transmission, low noise and impact load capacity.
9) Side ram pillow can be installed at the bottom of attachment milling head, through artificial or automatic indexing, to achieve five processing.
4, tool magazine
Optional Taiwan Kyushu tool magazine (24,32,40 knife), the use of robotic tool changer. Manipulator tool change time: knife to knife: 3 seconds.
5, attachment milling head
   1) single attachment milling head mounted on the right column bracket, multi-attachment milling head mounted on the attachment head car. Accessories T-slot milling head structure, user-friendly attachment milling head installation, shorten the installation time. Using four key positioning, ensure that the attachment milling head 4x90 ° position is positioned correctly.
2) Accessories Milling head types: right angle milling head, right angle flat milling head, universal milling head, extending milling head, automatic indexing right angle milling head.
6, full closed-loop position detection
The machine tool axis position detection can be matched with Germany HEIDENHAIN or Spain FAGOR precision grating with a resolution of 0.001mm, to achieve full closed-loop machine control to ensure the machines position accuracy, grating ruler seal protection.
7, cooling system
1) Both the spindle end and the attachment milling end have external workpiece and tool cooling functions.
2) The cooling pump maximum flow of 75L / min, the pressure is 0.4 MPa.
8, machine protection
Machine bed rails with stainless steel telescopic shield, cross beam guide rails with flexible skin cavity telescopic shield. Machine optional fully enclosed protective cover (no cover at the top), to prevent iron filings and coolant splash. Machine front and right, are equipped with openable door, easy to move up and down parts and operation.
9, thermostatic fuel tank
Machine spindle bearing cooling system with a constant temperature oil cooling device, according to different regions of climate regulation to ensure the accuracy of the machine and the normal work at room temperature.
10, lubrication system
Spindle bearings imported high-speed grease for lubrication; Gearbox bearings and gear oil lubrication, automatic lubrication by electric pump; X, Y-axis linear guide, Z-axis guideway and Y, Z axis ball screw bearings With thin oil lubrication, automatic intermittent lubrication by centralized automatic lubrication station, lubricating oil through the oil pan automatically recovered.
11, chip removal system
The iron chips in the working area of the workbench can be conveyed to the iron filings lifting device in front of the bed through the spiral chip conveyor on both sides of the bed and then transported to the cart by the front chain chip lifting device.
12, Mechatronics
Machine using a mechanical and electrical integration technology to achieve electrical automation control. Electrical cabinets, hydraulic stations, oil cooler, lubrication, pneumatic devices are installed in the columns and beams, reducing the footprint, machine control console in the front right of the machine, easy to operate. Specifically reflected in the following points:
1) Sensor application ---- The machine adopts the sensor of non-contact switch, travel switch, etc. to make it possess the features of multi-function, high automation, high intelligence, high stability and reliability, effectively improve the efficiency of processing the workpiece .
2) Servo Drive Technology ----- Use SIEMENS or FANUC servo spindle motor and three servo feed motor to control the main drive and feed drive.
3) Selection of advanced micro-processing system --- using SIEMENS 840D sl or FANUC 0i MD system. User-friendly interface:
             a comply with safety standards and intelligent control panel, easy to use.
             b can be arbitrarily rotated angle position of the control mechanism, safe and reliable.
             c fault warning number, displayed on the screen, easy to troubleshoot.
             d separate hand-held unit, easy to operate.

GMC2040 gantry machining center main technical parameters

Workbench area
4000 * 2000
Workbench load-bearing
kg / m2
Table T-slot (slot width x slot number)
28 * 11
X journey
Y travel
Z journey
Cross the gantry width
Spindle end and table surface distance
200 ~ 1450
Spindle taper
ISO № 50
Main motor power (continuous / 30 minutes)
SIEMENS: 22/30
FANUC: 22/26
Spindle speed
2000 (3000,6000 optional)
Cutting feed rate
m / min
Fast forward speed
m / min
Tool magazine form
Shank specifications
Manipulator capacity
Tool maximum diameter / adjacent empty knife
φ125 / φ200
Maximum tool length
The maximum weight of the tool
Positioning accuracy (X / Y / Z)
0.03 / 0.025 / 0.025
Repeatability (X / Y / Z)
0.02 / 0.015 / 0.01
10910 * 5810 * 6785
Machine weight
Accessories milling head
Right angle milling head, universal milling head, milling head extension, special milling head
Available options
Accessories milling head and the overall protective cover
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